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Soul to Sole Holistically promotes Proactive Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul with Blended Reflexology Sessions in  the comforting   Cave Spring Wellness Center near  Cave Spring Corners.  From the minute you walk in, you will start to slow down and unwind. Come see me, take a breath, 
feel the tranquility, hear the gentle flowing of water in our custom made fountain, enjoy your own personal pot of tea and let me help you relax, melt your stress away and enjoy some escape time 
just for you.
I am  committed to helping you relax, unwind  and feel better.

              Westchester Ave and Belford Street            Roanoke, VA 24018
Traditionally, Reflexology is started with the washing/soaking of the feet.  This helps put you into relaxation mode. 

I go a step farther with a hot Cup of Tea, my 
Organic Mini-Spa 
Vibrating Footbath with Individual Disposable Liners and
 Hot Moist Towels. 

  When you are greeted with "Hello, Would you like a cup of tea?" you know you are going to have a very pleasant, relaxing experience here.

There is something to be said for the invitation to have a cup of tea that seems so ingrained into taking a break and relaxing.  

My clients like being treated special with  these extra touches that helps them  relax and feel at home, knowing they will not be rushed in or out.

Although I have pre-set sessions and packages they are merely guides to getting started.  The time for each service in the package can be changed  to suit your wants or needs. 

All of my products for the Mini-Spa are Blended from Therapeutic-Grade Certified Organic Whole Herbs and Essential Oils.

The Mini-Spa Mineral Bath Soaks, Aroma Scrubs,  and Lotion Creams are also available for purchase.

Hot Moist Towels after the Min-Spa Soak and Scrub continues the relaxing process with lots of OOOHS and AUGHHHS.
I  Blend the  Sessions to make them more interesting, enjoyable and relaxing and find they work synergistically together.

      Young Living Essential Oils are used with each Session to promote balancing your 
Mind, Body and Soul. 
Susan Stidham standing outside Cave Spring Wellness Center at Soul to Sole Office Window

Your Guide for Proactive Wellness
of Mind, Body & Soul

“When the Feet Are Happy,
the Whole Body Is Happier!”

Heated Table for Reflexology & Reiki for Hands, Feet and Ears with Essential Oils
  Your Feet and Body Relate Proportionately to each Other
​As a child growing up near the area, we always came to Roanoke to shop.  At that time I dreamed of living in this BIG city one day.  

After graduating  Converse College in 1970 with BA in Psychology and Sociology wanting to be of help to others.  I moved to Atlanta pursuing many different interests from Real Estate Broker  to   Decorative Artist and Co-Owner of Commercial Contract Wood Finishing Business with Husband.

I loved  working with clients helping them to create their dream homes. 

Over the years I found Chiropractors, Kinesiologists, Reflexologists and Massage Therapists were a very important part of my life and to be very beneficial to my overall health and well being.

After retiring in 2002,  I later moved to the  Roanoke Valley.  When I began to have health issues with my feet,  I sought help from new practitioners I 
had found in this area in Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Chiropractic.

I was not quite ready to totally retire so I began turning my creative energies and my desire to help others into pursuing studies in the alternative health care, getting certified in those areas. I believe in the old saying, "Find something you believe in and success will follow." 

I have also found that to be true in helping others through my Reflexology  Practice...
As I continue to seek and learn new things to share with my clients, I will always be a student and a teacher willing to share any knowledge I have that will help someone else help themselves.

With this always in mind, I answered the call for more space to create this healing-sharing center in October 2015 at 4309 Old Cave Spring Road.  Nestled into the trees, the cedar-sided building and parking are on level ground, easy to find and access. 

I feel that the services I offer helps the body relax and tune in so it can let that "Doctor within go to work" as Dr. Schweitzer said. Spending time in a peaceful space gives us the chance to hear our own inner voice and to holistically connect with own feelings so we can be restored. I believe that quiet time is essential to our health and far too often we forget to take that little time just for us..

Feet Are The "Reflection" of the Body
To Heal one must be willing
 to change...
Continuing to do exactly the same thing and expecting a different outcome will only result 
in the same condition.
By Appointment:   540-494-3463 
I am elderly (80+) and have a problem with sore feet and arthritis.  Going to Soul to Sole was my first experience with alternative help.  Susan did her min-spa soak and scrub on my feet and then reflexology.  After several sessions she got my stiff toes loosened up.  I had not been able to move them for years.  I can still move them.  She gave me suggestions for exercises to do at home with a small ball,  soft and smaller than a golf ball.  I individually roll  each foot over the ball for several minutes each night while watching TV.   She also gave me a reflexology chart to take home and I rub all parts of my feet every night.  All of this helped the flexibility of my toes a lot. 
Thelma, Roanoke VA

Susan Stidham's Reflexology Sessions are beyond wonderful.  Her professional knowledge and abilities are enhanced by a very caring warm spirit.  I have some complicated foot problems and my pain and discomfort have been greatly reduced by my sessions with her.  I leave each session feeling relaxed and pain free and emotionally clam.  She really knows what she is doing.
Jenny Bradley,  Roanoke, VA
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Life is a Journey...

  One of the first questions my clients ask me is what is my background and how did I get here to this business and why?
My Certifications and Training:

** BA Sociology & Psychology    Converse College
** Attended Graduate School  Georgia State University..
** Studied Art at Atlanta College of Art   

** First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner   
            Usui Shiki Rgoho  System Of Reiki Natural Healing  

** Chinese Ping Heng Kinesiology Practitioner 
            Imperial Healing Warriors

**Certified Reflexologist  
            Blue Ridge School of Yoga and Massage

**Second Level Intermediate Certification 
           Hanna Kroeger Natural Healing:  "Help One Another"

** Thia Foot Reflexology Certification 
            Yoga South, Ashville, NC  

** Intermediate Student Certification  of Jin Shin Do -
             Body-mind Acupressure

** Rain Drop Vita-Flex Practitioner 
            Young Living Essential Oils

** Practitioner Level   
           Stephen Polilitis Source Energy Medicine
Dr. Albert Schweitzer said
 "Each patient carries his own Doctor inside of him.  We are at our best when we give the Doctor within a  chance to go to work."
Several thousand years ago the Chinese found that not only did the feet feel better after being rubbed but the health got better.  They set about to map those connections which  is the system upon which  Reflexology and Acupuncture are  based.
December  Special Gift Certificate Offer Available in Services
To Contact Me:  Text or Call:  540-494-3463  Quickest Way

or Direct email: soultosole.sjs@gmail.com  Slowest Way
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I was located in the Grandin Village from 2011 thru September 2015.
In October 2015 I opened Cave Spring Wellness Center on Old Cave Spring Road.
We closed for Covid-19 in March 2020.  When I reopened I relocated to my home studio but continued my lease at CSWC. 
 Clients liked it here and didn't want  to return to CSWC. 
My lease expired October 2021 and   I officially have business license with City of Roanoke to operate at home location.
Current clients love it here and I know you will also.

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